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Interviewer: hello, Hussein! Today we have the pleasure of talking to you about a very relevant topic: the cleaning of platforms. Tell us, why is it so important to keep clean platforms?

Hussein Kadour Ponces: Hello! It is a pleasure to be here and talk about this important topic. The cleaning of platforms is crucial for several reasons. In the first place, guarantees safety in the operations. The platforms may accumulate waste, sediment, chemicals, and other contaminants that can cause slips, trips and other accidents.

To keep the platform clean and free of obstacles, improves working conditions and reduces the risks for workers. In addition, proper cleaning also helps to maintain the integrity of the facilities and prolongs its life to prevent corrosion and deterioration.

Interviewer: Understood. What are the major challenges associated with the cleanup of platforms?

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Hussein Kadour Ponces: The cleaning of platforms can present unique challenges due to the conditions in which they operate. One of the difficulties is the exposure to different elements, such as salt water, chemicals, and hydrocarbons, which can be difficult to remove.

In addition, the platforms tend to have structures and surfaces as complicated as walkways, stairs and railings, which require appropriate clean-up procedures.

Another challenge is the management of the waste generated during the cleaning process, as they must be treated and disposed of safely and in compliance with the environmental regulations.

Interviewer: What are the best practices and techniques used in the cleaning of platforms?

Hussein Kadour Ponces: In the cleaning of platforms, various techniques have been used and specialized equipment. The pressure cleaning with water at high temperature or with specific chemicals is commonly used to remove dirt and contaminants.

In addition, you can use mechanical methods, such as rotating brushes or equipment sweeping industrial, for cleaning larger surfaces.

It is important to have trained personnel and proper safety gear, such as personal protective equipment and containment systems to prevent the dispersal of the waste generated during the cleaning.

Interviewer: What are the benefits of hiring professional services of cleaning of platforms?

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Hussein Kadour Ponces: Hire professional services of cleaning of platforms offers several benefits. In the first place, it ensures that you use the proper equipment and the proper techniques for each type of platform and contaminant. Trained professionals know all the best practices and are familiar with the applicable regulations.

In addition, we have experts in cleaning of platforms allows you to save time and resources to perform the tasks efficiently and minimize the downtime. It also ensures the proper handling and the responsible disposal of waste generated during the process.

Interviewer: finally, what is your recommendation to maintain the cleanliness of the platforms effectively?

Hussein Kadour Ponces: My main recommendation would be to establish a program of maintenance and regular cleaning to the platforms. This includes regular inspection, identification and early clearance of spills and contaminants, and the implementation of good housekeeping practices.

In addition, it is essential to promote a culture of safety and environmental awareness among the workers so that they are all committed to keeping the platform safe and clean.

Interviewer: thank you, Hussein, for sharing your knowledge and experience in the area of cleaning platforms. It has been a very informative interview and valuable.

Hussein Kadour Ponces: it Has been a pleasure to participate and be able to share my perspectives on the cleaning of platforms. Thank you for the opportunity!

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